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Consciousness Architecture Course - Level 2


Consciousness Architect
This 12 Month Program is the second in my series and follows on from the Consciousness Architecture Level 1 Course. These courses show you how to heal your subconscious programming by actually doing the healing and you can repeat them as often as you feel the need.

What's included?

You will learn how to release polluted light codes that are the building blocks of your reality matrix using the ONE Portal.
We will also access your Akashic Records and your subconscious programs.

Level-Up Your Consciousness

There has never been a more important time to level up. By doing so, you are co-creating a new world, as your reality is a projection of your DNA codes and the field in and around it.

The Videos

These videos may be used over and over again, but please give your body time to assimilate the changes; therefore 6 - 12 months is recommended to complete the course but not essential. As your consciousness expands, new layers are exposed for healing.
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