The Consciousness Architecture Course - Level 1

This is a 12 month Level 1 Consciousness Architecture Course that takes you through a process of eliminating the programs, imprints and patterns in your consciousness that are holding you back in life.

This is a beginner/intermediate level program. You DO NOT need to be clairvoyant to do this course, as we are all able to use our other senses and we all have them.

Why should I take this course?

This 18 video course is packed with healing, such as, DNA upgrades, removing Soul Implants, Cord Cutting, working with Animal Spirit frequencies and much more.
It also clears programs from your DNA trapping you in debt and upgrades your body systems to enable you to hold more light frequencies. Some of the videos contain homework and if you want to experience to full force of the changes you are making, the simple homework exercises are an important part of the course. I recommend that you take the 12 months to do this course as there will be other live healings on a biweekly basis on the membership platform.
Meet the instructor

Janine Regan-Sinclair

Janine Regan-Sinclair is a certified Hypnotherapist & Councellor, NLP Practitioner, Energy Healer and Teacher.

In 2003, she created a powerful healing system called Crystal Ki Healing. She is the only person in the world who’s body is clear enough for her to open the ONE Portal in her heart and to heal others with it.

Janine has published 4 books, over 50 Digital Healing Audios and Online programs. She teaches a variety of workshops and is an expert in the field of consciousness.

Janine has also produced a set of powerful DNA upgrades that remove dark programming and imprints, and all of them start at only $5.99 USD to rent or $15.99 USD to buy.

She helps many people overcome Post Traumatic Stress and other health issues. Janine is a pioneer with 20 years experience and her testimonials are outstanding.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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