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Healing Childhood Trauma Course

Childhood Traumas

It can result in Mental Illness if not healed
In this course, I will help you to release a list of issues and memories that are linked to traumatic experiences you may have had in your childhood.

This is for anyone who has suffered any kind of harmful experience or abuse, whether domestic abuse, sexual abuse or psychological abuse. We also release victim consciousness that can attract victimisers later in life.

Why should I take this course?

Traumatic childhood experiences – which include: emotional and physical abuse; verbal humiliation; sexual abuse; presence of a family member who is addicted or mentally ill; parental abandonment, divorce, loss, death, imprisonment - can damage the developing brain, predisposing it to autoimmune diseases, heart disease, cancer, depression, and a number of other chronic disorders, decades after the trauma has taken place.
It can also help if you have experienced a natural disaster, accident, operation or anything at all that has caused you stress, fear, anger or similar emotions. I hold space for you to also release these negative emotions and memories.

Children are delicate and something as simple as your first day at school can cause Soul Fragments to break away, as it can be very traumatic.

We will bring back your Soul fragments and your lost innocence is also returned. We all experience some sort of trauma as children, it’s a part of life and this workshop promotes deep healing and is very powerful!
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